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Publié le : 20/05/2009 à 03:38
Editeur : Iolo Technologies
Compatible : Windows 98,2000,Me,XP
Licence : Partagiciel / Shareware

System Mechanic regroupe plus d'une quinzaine d'utilitaires qui vont vous permettre de nettoyer votre base de registre, éliminer vos fichiers inutiles, corriger les liens morts, chasser les spywares, désinstaller des programmes. Vous pourrez également gérer le démarrage de Windows, sécuriser et accélérer votre connexion internet ou votre accés réseau.

Le logiciel propose un outil de diagnostic agréable clair qui évalue divers paramètres : encombrement de votre disque, vitesse, sécurité, santé de votre système ou encore mises à jour et leur attribue une appréciation (good, fair, poor ...). Partant de ces évaluations, vous pouvez lancer les optimisations nécessaires en quelques clics.

D'autres modules sont au programme : restauration de Disques durs endommagés, optimisation du démarrage de Windows et gestion avancée des processus. Les outils de défragmentation et de détection des spywares se voient quant à eux améliorés. La défragmentation se veut notamment jusqu'à dix fois plus rapide que celle de Windows XP, à vérifier ... La version 8 du logiciel apporte notamment une amélioration de l'outil ActiveCare, du défragmenteur de la base de registre, et un outil affichant des statistique sur la fiabilité de vos disques durs.

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		       System Mechanic Professional

 SPONSORED LINK                    SPONSORED LINK                   SPONSORED LINK
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iolo Support Website for all iolo Products & all iolo Cracks:

NOTE: Please do not forget to leave behind as much information as possible  
about where the product is from and about your personal identification data. 
You'll then be contacted as soon as possible by the iolo Support Team! 

Thank you for choosing iolo,

The iolo Support Team


                       System Mechanic Professional

System Mechanic Professional 8 is five complete products in one integrated 
package: everything you need to keep your PC safe, fast, and error-free. Fix 
problems, boost performance, eliminate crashes, defend against spyware, viruses, 
and hacker threats, and much more. Use one centralized system dashboard to 
automatically perform all vital PC maintenance. More than just Internet security, 
System Mechanic 8 Professional is a complete solution for PC protection, system 
optimization, and trouble-free maintenance. 

You need more than just security software to keep your PC running right. Without 
regular internal maintenance even the best protected PC will suffer problems and 
eventually grind to a halt. System Mechanic 8 Professional contains all of the 
tools you need to defend against threats, and also keep your PC running smooth, 
fast, and healthy from the inside out. 
Trusted by millions worldwide, System Mechanic Professional sets a new standard 
for total PC security and optimization in one integrated package. 

System Mechanic Professional 8 - Boost your computer's performance and stability 
with advanced PC tune-up. System Mechanic gives you over 40 automatic tools to 
clean hard drive clutter, repair your registry, defragment drives and memory, 
optimize settings, and optimize system and internet settings. 

System Mechanic Professional 8 Protect and tune your computer automatically. 
Combining 5 award-winning iolo PC Tune-up and data security products, System 
Mechanic Professional is everything you need to keep your PC safe, fast, and 

System Mechanic Professional 8 keeps your PC running faster, cleaner and error-
free. Its powerful arsenal of 40+ award-winning precision tools fixes stubborn 
errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes internet and download speeds, ensures 
personal security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically. 

- Makes your PC run like new 
- Boosts PC and internet speeds up to 300% 
- Eliminates frustrating slowdowns, crashes & freezes 
- Repairs problems and errors, and prevent them from recurring 
- Cleans up system-clogging clutter 
- Maintains reliability and speed 

System Mechanic 8 Professional Features: 
- Optimize your PC for peak performance 
- Repair problems and errors, and prevent them from re-occurring 
- Clean up system clutter 
- Remove spyware and fix security vulnerabilities 
- Maintain reliability and speed 
- iolo AntiVirus - protect against viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats 
- iolo Personal Firewall - protect against hackers, Internet intruders, and 
  other unwanted communication 
- Search and Recover - recover deleted files, photos, email, and more from any 
  drive or media 
- DriveScrubber - securely erase data from your hard drive 

What's new in version 8
ActiveCare 2.0 keeps your PC running like new. Now smarter, leaner and fully 
New ActiveCare 2.0 just got leaner, smarter, and even better at keeping your PC 
humming along at full speed. And it does this silently in the background, only 
working when your PC is on but not in use. 
ActiveCare 2.0 has new options to give you full control over how and when it 
runs, and ActiveCare's idle-time processing has been refined to detect battery 
power, CPU activity, and more, so that it truly does operate without ever 

Defragment and Compact Registry tool Registry optimization with graphical 
Our next generation Defragment and Compact Registry tool now performs a 
comprehensive analysis of your registry, detects performance draining bloat, 
and displays wasted space with instructive, colorΓ??coded graphics. It then 
removes the bloat and defragments your registry at the next system startup. 

DriveSense Real-time hard drive status: 
For expert users, the new DriveSense provides real-time data about the status of 
hard drives, including drive temperature & other indicators of drive reliability. 

More new features and enhancements: 
- New navigational links within the tools simplify moving throughout System 
- iolo's library of programs and program components has been expanded to target 
  resource-robbing programs unnecessarily clogging your PC's startup process and 
  to detect potentially dangerous software. 
- System Mechanic now inherits your Windows Vista Aero theme for an integrated 
  look and feel. 
- Access to Windows Firewall is now integrated into System Mechanic for seamless 
  updates and configurations. And if no firewall protection is detected, System 
  Mechanic will alert and help you to turn on the Windows Firewall. 
- Version 8 gives you access to enhanced Search and Recover 5, with its new 
  interface and expanded file and media support, and updated DriveScrubber 3 with
  more options for wiping files and drives.

iolo's Spython spyware definitions can be manually downloaded at: 

1- Download and save the file
2- Extract SpyData.dll from the zip file and copy it into: 
   C:\Program Files\iolo\Common\Lib\ 
3- After the file has been copied into above location you 
   may now run Spython as desired.

Comprehensive list available at:


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